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Cravings & the Pursue of Healthy Eating . .

Healthy Whole Foods for everyone to enjoy!
Earthy Eatzz found an available option, so you don't go down that path of grabbing the high sugar, high calorie snacks that make you feel lethargic and sluggish all day. Earthy Eatzz is for those with a sweet tooth who prefer a more nutritious option packed with natural whole foods that gives you sustainable energy and can be healthy when incorporated into your balanced diet. Don't Wait, try our bites and bars TODAY!

Meet The Team

"We're on a mission to fuel your body and satisfy those sweet cravings using only the best and healthiest ingredients." Girls With Dreams Become Women With a Vision.
Our journey began in January 2017 with the Daniel Plan, "All Healthy Eating Gods' way." Our passion for working out, and healthy eating, along with our cravings for sweet treats, led us to our version of Healthy Whole Food Treats. And this is when Earthy Eatzz became a reality. It was the sweetest stop on our healthy journey. We use the best and most pure ingredients. We offer Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Plant-Based Options for everyone to enjoy.

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